A world of weevils – Chau Chak Wing Museum

A world of weevils – Chau Chak Wing Museum

Widespread title: Large Pine Weevil

Host crops: Araucaria Pines

Native area: Australia

Australia’s largest weevil feeds on two varieties of coniferous timber that are native to the nation and essential to Aboriginal folks.

The Hoop Pine (Araucaria cunninghamii) was used to make boomerangs and coolamons (carrying vessels), whereas its sap was used to connect axes to handles.


At Bunya feasts, 1000’s of Aboriginals would collect from a whole bunch of kilometres to rejoice across the Bunya Pines (Araucaria bidwillii), throughout seasons when their football-sized cones ripened and dropped onto the bottom. The gatherings would come with ceremonies, dispute settlements, marriage negotiations and commerce actions. Grownup weevils are additionally identified to congregate in giant numbers and feed on dying pines, whereas the larvae feed on the interior bark. On this manner, each larvae and adults decompose the dying tree and recycle its vitamins again into the surroundings.

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