Cornershot: Funny how comic strips draw from life stages | Entertainment

Cornershot: Funny how comic strips draw from life stages | Entertainment

I’ve at all times thought that the every day comics are essentially the most indispensable a part of a newspaper, wanted to counterbalance the information on the entrance web page.

When my youngsters had been younger, I’d have sworn that Lynn Johnston, the creator of “For Higher or Worse,” hid someplace in our home to get story concepts. Michael and Elizabeth (“Lizardbreath,” as Michael typically referred to as her), the Patterson kids within the strip, mirrored in so some ways the teasing and sibling rivalries of my very own son and daughter (who in some way survived childhood to turn out to be professionals, with youngsters of their very own.)

Throughout my kids’s teenage years, I’d even have sworn that Jerry Scott, creator of “Zits,” was lurking someplace round our home choosing up concepts for his strip. His teenage character Jeremy Duncan is very similar to my youngsters had been in some ways. How was faculty immediately? “Positive.” What did you do immediately? “Nothing.” What do you need to do? “No matter.”

Now that my spouse and I are empty nesters with simply two cats to supply some leisure round the home, our lives are extra like Brian Crane’s strip “Pickles,” that includes Earl and Opal Pickles, their canine Roscoe, and Muffin, their feline thinker. Muffin mused at some point, “I hate it after I get hungry. It forces me to acknowledge the truth that individuals exist and that I want them for one thing. Ahh… nevermind, meals has magically appeared in my bowl once more.” That just about sums up the way in which our furry pals view us.

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