Cure in knowledge of human blood radiation

Cure in knowledge of human blood radiation

Femi Kusa


WITH 2020 gone into the archives, it’s pure to wish and hope that 2021 can be a very model new and clear yr freed from COVID-19 harassments. Afterall, the Indian boy who predicted it mentioned it needs to be passed by September or December final yr. However what are we listening to now? A more recent and deadlier pressure of COVID-19 has hit  the UK, some international locations have imposed journey bans on that nation, and the brand new virus has discovered its manner once more into Lagos and Abuja by means of the standard vectors…the excessive and mighty Nigerians who won’t ever study to cease gallivanting worldwide. So, it will appear we’re in it once more, and should return to the trenches.

Within the trenches, there are actually useful and therapeutic herbs. I discussed a few of them final yr after I recovered from a three-week bout with look “alike” signs of COVID-19. My experiences and the way I bounced again to life had been posted in underneath the title COVID-19: Look alike  signs be part of the Lexicon. Lately, this Column has been inviting the eye once more to vitality medication, as a remedy for ailments. Dr Hulda Regehr Clark, writer of The remedy for all ailments, has featured on this web page on this regard. About 4 weeks in the past, the Bahamas tried in psychic surgical procedure was talked about within the column on Diverticular, Diverticulosis , Diverticulitis And Anal Fistula.(see additionally Final week, Mrs Grace Aina Adu, from Abeokuta, made my day with a submit on the therapeutic potentials of human radiations. Earlier than I come to her wasap submit , I wish to shortly say one thing about human radiations and about Dr Hulda Clark’s e book which, in my view, could maintain the important thing to a drugless remedy of Coronavirus an infection however was trampled underfoot many years in the past by the American Medical Affiliation (AMA) and the Meals and Medicine Administration (FDA).

   Human  Radiation

This column is famous for saying all the pieces which exists is a gradation of vitality. If we depend on physics and electrical energy to grasp this idea, we could communicate of voltages of various gradations and of larger voltages consuming smaller ones or breaking them down. That’s the reason an individual in touch with a excessive voltage electrical energy supply the physique can not resist is electrocuted. The supply of human radiation just isn’t the bodily physique. It’s that “breath of life” breathed into the mud or clay physique to provide it life…the human spirit. Because it glows by means of the physique, the bodily vessel by which it sojourns on earth comes alive. There isn’t any doubt that this vessel should thereafter develop and preserve its personal vitality to be in union with the spirit. How nicely it does so will depend upon how nicely it’s taken care of dietarily and thru life of the being inside, the spirit. When the spirit departs or withdraws, the physique falls aside, lifeless, lifeless.

There’s considerable proof that human radiation exists. Animals like to return round people as a result of human radiation helps them to type their souls. Observe the cat, canine, rooster or goat. We will ask: What about snakes and lions? They, too, ought to freely dwell with people had people not misplaced contact with their accountability on earth to unite all creatures underneath their dominion. Within the days of Gautama Bhuddah in India, people and snakes lived collectively in concord. Snakes attended human festivals in worship of the Most Excessive and had been used for safety guards of communities. A number of years in the past, I accompanied Mr Lade Bonuola, when he was Managing Director of Guardian Newspaper, to a rural city for the funeral of one of many dad and mom of his spouse. We had an open air reception within the night enlivened with classical music. I knew one thing would occur as a result of there was a farm close by. Out of the blue, there was shouting, and the reception quickly broke up. A snake had come round! Snakes take pleasure in classical music , and this one could have come to felicitate with us. Sadly, they now dwell in concern of us and we of them. The attractive days of Bhuddah are lengthy gone. In these days, males understood the language of animals and conversed with them. Individuals who dwell in large homes know that uninhabited rooms odor stale, whereas inhabited ones are recent smelling. Within the villages, homes collapse not just because they’re outdated however as a result of they’re uninhabited as inhabited older homes present no indicators of pressure. It’s straightforward to notice from this that one thing human preserve homes!

If we doubt, it’s most likely as a result of we’ve got by no means reared animals. I as soon as reared rabbits and pigs. If rabbit infants fall from the cage and also you choose them with naked fingers and return them to the cage, the mom rabbit will abandon them. It is because she’s going to odor one thing human on them. So, the smart rabbit farmer picks them with gloved fingers. If there is no such thing as a glove, the farmer caresses the physique of the mom rabbit for a while. Throughout this time, one thing from the rabbit’s physique hangs over the farmer’s hand and displays on the newborn rabbit’s physique when it’s picked with naked fingers. That is an fascinating facet of pig farming. Feminine pigs (sows) breeds about two occasions a yr. The gestation interval is about three months, three weeks and three days from the time she is taken throughout her “warmth” interval to the boar (male) for mating. The farmer expects a litter of between eight and 10 piglets to recoup breeding price. Generally, the finances is ruined by a litter of three or 4 piglets.

The dissatisfied farmer could also be self centered. In that case, the sow could also be despatched straight away to be “crossed” by a boar whereas its piglets are taken away to a different nursing mom. The mom pig would inform them out from her personal piglets if the precautions talked about in respect of the rabbit usually are not noticed. The mom pig could chew the unusual piglets to loss of life or eat them uncooked.

Christians who’re conversant in the story of the remedy of the girl with the problem of blood for a number of years when she touched the garment of the Lord Jesus, ought to know  that is therapeutic by radiation. We have no idea which illness produced the seeming perpetual bleeding. However it’s apparent that her system was down. Vitality from the Being of Jesus suffused His garment. By touching His garment, vitality flowed by means of her and he or she turned healed. Instantly she touched his garment, Jesus requested:”Who touched me, for I understand energy exit of me”. This assertion confirms that “energy” is ever going out of us, suffusing our clothes and different private results and connecting us with these things wherever they might be. Elisha maintained connection along with his grasp prophet Elijah, when he obtained the previous’s garment as he was borne aloft heavenwards in a chariot of fireplace, an ethereal, not bodily, occasion. We learn of king Solomon and the maidens who laid round him to maintain him heat. Maidens, like youngsters, have an abundance of animistic vitality, which is why, within the therapeutic protocols of some cultures, it’s inspired that youngsters stick round a sick individual. Can we overlook connections of the placenta to a brand new born child? In Africa, it’s buried in “protected” locations the place nobody can simply uncover it. It’s believed that something finished to the placenta would journey on its radiation connection to the proprietor and influence the message bodily on her or him . We’re very seemingly conversant in the tales of lacking garments, head gears and even sneakers and stands of sponge in our villages. In Europe, timber are planted on placenta websites. It’s believed that circumstances of such timber reveal the fortunes of” proprietor ” wherever she or he could also be on the face of the earth. Thus, radiation connections ought to advise in opposition to the carrying of second hand garments and briefs which is frequent in Nigeria in the present day. Who is aware of what the final proprietor suffered from and if a radiation connection nonetheless exists with the garments or lingerie? Can the radiations of illness (s) not journey on this radiation bridge to the brand new proprietor?

Human radiation is felt extra within the blood stream. The spirit makes the blood. That’s the reason blood circulation ensues in concerning the center of being pregnant, evidenced within the first foetal kicks, when the soul takes possession of the rising child and crashes with the bodily loss of life. It’s by means of blood radiation that the spirit communicates with the physique and makes use of it. Because the spirit is the very best creature on earth, human blood radiation is supposed to be the strongest vibration on earth. This could, subsequently, imply that nothing outdoors configurations of the physique ought to exist in it. The blood radiation ought to simply pulverize and vanquish it. Due to this fact, the place illness can nonetheless thrive in human physique, investigations sho   uld be directed extra in the direction of the blood radiation and the soul and the bodily physique. Already, as we could quickly see, mankind was forewarned within the 1920s that blood ailments would erupt in our time as a result of blood radiation was ebbing because the soul and spirit turned extra subjected to increased voltages of vitality pouring down like rainfall upon the earth because it approached the precincts of a brand new age.

Dr Clark

She mentioned in her important e book, Treatment For All Illnesses, and different books that each one ailments had been brought on by parasites and might be cured by a easy electrical gadget which she designed and produced on the market. She provided the design free in her e book to point out her honesty of function.

The abstract of her proposition is that all the pieces which exists publicizes its existence by means of a peculiar emanation equal to a radio frequency. Thus, if the radio frequency of a parasite, say corona virus, was recognized, it will be straightforward to destroy it by producing a radio frequency to jam and dismantle its personal. This course of is akin to the jamming of the published of a radio or tv station, or of the indicators of early warning methods in outer area. The medical and scientific group in the USA denounced Dr Clark and pursued her in another country with regulation fits. They’d what seemed to be a final snigger in 2009, when, on the age of 82, Dr Clark died of blood and bone most cancers.  Why didn’t she remedy herself , they requested. The identical jest query was manufactured from Dr Linus Pauling who superior mega doses of vitamin c for the remedy of ailments. He died of most cancers at about 104 years, two nobel prize awards behind him, neither of which he shared with anybody , a uncommon honour. The main critics of Dr Paulin died of their 60s and 70s. Nonetheless, sarcasm was what the disciples of his critics hurled at his earthly stays. The smart Chinese language adopted the medical teachings of Dr Pauling about COVID-19 and vitamin c, and  bounced out of the pandemic, whereas his opponents are nonetheless trying to find incomprehensible options.

Dr Clark could not get all of it proper. For not all ailments are brought on by parasites. The power of the vigour of well being lies within the blood, spiritually talking. We can not run away from this, for we’re human spirits on earth from the spirit world, paradise. The spirit animates the physique, that’s provides it life which makes the physique to exist as if it has a lifetime of its personal. However when the spirit detaches itself from the physique, the physique falls aside, lifeless, lifeless! What provides the physique its existence as a residing type is the blood, which is made by the spirit. And, as it’s now recognized, nothing which isn’t meant to exist within the physique equivalent to parasites, can exist in it if the Blood Radiation is of optimum power and well being. The place it isn’t, it means the spirit is weak, sick, not vibrating nicely. That could be a non secular query which no earthly medicines can remedy. As we speak, nearly all of mankind equates non secular life and inquiries to not the non secular however the spiritual.

COVID Vibrations

That is what I titled a wasap submit from a swiss cross bearer which Mrs Grace Aina Adu, a crossbearer, despatched to me from Abeokuta. When you surprise who a cross bearer is, she or he is an adherent of The Grail Message- InThe Mild of Fact, by Abdrushin. The submit says…

I’ve obtained this from a Swiss crossbearer so stimulating:

Swing up

The spiritually minded will perceive:

The Covid virus has an oscillation of 5.5 Hz and dies above 25.5 Hz.

For folks with a better vibration, an infection is a minor irritant that can quickly be eradicated!

The explanations for low vibration might be:

All types of concern, phobia, stress, rigidity.

Jealousy, anger,

Hate, greed,

Attachments or ache

And so we’ve got to grasp find out how to vibrate increased in order that the decrease frequency doesn’t weaken our immune system.

The frequency of the earth in the present day is 27.four Hz. However there are locations that vibrate very quietly like:

Hospitals, Assist centres, Prisons,

Within the underground and so forth.

Right here the vibration drops to 20 Hz or much less.

The virus turns into harmful for folks with low vibration.

Ache zero.1 to 2 Hz. Worry zero.2 to 2.2 Hz.

Being irritable/rigidity zero.9 to six.eight Hz.

Noise/being loud zero.6 to 2.2 Hz. Proud zero.eight Hz.

Superiority 1.9 Hz.

However, elevated vibrations are created within the following behaviours/interior moods:

Generosity 95hz, Gratitude 150 Hz

Compassion 150 Hz or extra.

The frequency of affection and compassion for all residing beings is 150 Hz and extra.

Unconditional and common love from 205hz

So come on …

swing increased !!!

What helps us create excessive vibrations?

Love, smile, bless, give thanks, play, paint, sing, dance, yoga, tai chi, meditate, stroll within the solar/daylight, train, take pleasure in nature, and so forth.

Meals that the earth provides us: seeds-grains-cereals-legumes-fruits and vegetables-

Consuming water: helps us swing increased ….. !!!

The vibration of the prayer alone goes from 120 to 350 Hz • So sing, snigger, love, meditate, play, thank and dwell!

Let’s swing excessive … !!!

This info is supplied by nature therapist Dr.  Harshal Sancheti, Nasik, compiled and edited

The unique supply of this info is from the e book * Energy Vs Drive *

Primarily based on * David R Hawkins’ PhD thesis *.

Please share this worthwhile info!


Abdrushin accomplished The Grail Message- In The Mild Of Fact within the late 1920s when two important occasions within the universe occurred. First, the earth got here underneath a brand new Age. Then, the universe accomplished its gigantic cycle to usher in a Cosmic Turning- Level. Area doesn’t allow descriptions of those occasions. Suffise it to say that the earth now’s in The Aquarian Age within the cosmic clock, often known as the third Reich or Kingdom  of the Holy Spirit, after the age of the Father And The Son. Because the Holy Spirit created the universe, mankind ought to count on the Last Judgment of which Jesus forewarned. In abstract, THE Aquarium Age and The Cosmic Turning Level influence the earth with stronger vibrations than it has hitherto come underneath. Mature human spirits face up to them and flourish  in them as was meant by cosmic forces past man’s management. Immature human spirits can not bear the stress. Because the spirit types the physique and the blood, which means sick spirit, sick blood and sick physique. Thus, primarily based on His evaluation of the non secular state of constructing,  Abdrushin,  forewarned in these days that our civilisation would expertise a flourish of blood ailments. COVID-19 has been one in an extended chain of them which incorporates most cancers of all kinds and HIV/ AIDS. When the spirit is powerful and wholesome by non secular, not mental definition, no materials pathogen or substance can take root in its nicely vibrating blood circulation. Many people human beings on the earth in the present day are actually like rooster bitten within the rain, chilly and shivering.

Within the non secular college that the earth is, we can be likened to highschool youngsters who’re” O” Degree failures however have discovered themselves about to write down a college diploma last examination. So insightful for today had been Abd-rushin’s admonitions that neither medication nor injections however the correct sorts of meals and drinks carry lasting well being… and that humanity, groping at the hours of darkness for radiant well being, ignoring the straightforward and trying to find the incomprehensible (vaccines), could infuse the bodily physique with increasingly more poisons.

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