Food Quiz – test your hungry knowledge with these 20 questions

Food Quiz – test your hungry knowledge with these 20 questions

Do you suppose you understand all there may be to meals? Whether or not that be manufacturers, substances or totally different recipes?

Properly right here is your likelihood to check your information, as we have now put collectively 20 questions which will get your abdomen rumbling.

You should definitely play with household and pals and see who is aware of meals the most effective – and tell us the way you get on.

Meals quiz

1. Which crisp flavour is Walkers hottest?

2. Which nuts are utilized in marzipan?

three. In what yr did the primary McDonalds retailer open?

four. What are the 2 predominant substances in meringue?

5. What widespread cereal has Tony the Tiger as a mascot?

6. What’s the largest vegetable?

7. What’s the costliest herb?

eight. Which chocolate bar is understood for a strip of honeycomb surrounded by chocolate?

Consuming chocolate darkish generic

9. What’s caviar?

10. What pastry are profiteroles made out of?

11. Which widespread unfold has a commemorative statue in Burton upon Trent?

12. What’s the predominant ingredient in hummus?

13. What’s the phrase egg in french?

14. What’s the protein present in bread?

15. What delicacies is the enchilada from?

16. What does BLT stand for?

17. What’s the nationwide dish of Spain?

18. What’s the hottest pizza topping?

19. What cheese is Babybel?

20. What’s calamari?


1. Cheese and Onion (based on the Walkers web site)

2. Almonds

three. 1940

four. Egg whites and sugar

5. Frosties

6. A pumpkin

7. Saffron

eight. Crunchie

9. Fish eggs

10. Chouz Pastry

11. Marmite

12. Chickpeas

13. Oeuf

14. Gluten

15. Mexican

16. Bacon, lettuce and tomato

17. Paella

18. Pepperoni

19. Edam

20. Fried squid

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