Physicists Demonstrate Controlled Transport of Stored Light | Physics

Physicists Demonstrate Controlled Transport of Stored Light | Physics

Managed manipulation, storage, and retrieval of quantum data are important for quantum communication and computing. Quantum reminiscences for gentle, realized with chilly atomic samples because the storage medium, are outstanding for his or her excessive storage efficiencies and lifelong. A staff of experimental physicists from the Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz and Beihang College has efficiently demonstrated the managed transport of saved gentle over 1.2 mm in a cloud of ultracold atoms.

In the experiment by Li et al., atoms of rubidium-87 are first pre-cooled and then transported to the main test area, which is a custom-made vacuum chamber; there they are cooled to temperatures of just a few microkelvins. Image credit: Li et al., doi: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.125.150501.

Within the experiment by Li et al., atoms of rubidium-87 are first pre-cooled after which transported to the primary take a look at space, which is a custom-made vacuum chamber; there they’re cooled to temperatures of just some microkelvins. Picture credit score: Li et al., doi: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.125.150501.

“The managed manipulation and storage of quantum data in addition to the power to retrieve it are important stipulations for reaching advances in quantum communication and for performing corresponding laptop operations within the quantum world,” stated senior creator Professor Patrick Windpassinger, a physicist within the Institut für Physik on the Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz.

“Optical quantum reminiscences, which permit for the storage and on-demand retrieval of quantum data carried by gentle, are important for scalable quantum communication networks.”

“As an illustration, they will symbolize necessary constructing blocks of quantum repeaters or instruments in linear quantum computing.”

“In recent times, clouds of atoms have confirmed to be media nicely suited to storing and retrieving optical quantum data.”

“Utilizing a method known as electromagnetically induced transparency, incident gentle pulses will be trapped and coherently mapped to create a collective excitation of the storage atoms.”

“For the reason that course of is basically reversible, the sunshine can then be retrieved once more with excessive effectivity.”

Professor Windpassinger and colleagues used ultracold atoms of rubidium-87 as a storage medium for the sunshine.

“We saved the sunshine by placing it in a suitcase so to talk, solely that in our case the suitcase was fabricated from a cloud of chilly atoms,” Professor Windpassinger stated.

“We moved this suitcase over a brief distance after which took the sunshine out once more.”

“That is very fascinating not just for physics generally, but in addition for quantum communication, as a result of gentle is just not very simple to ‘seize,’ and if you wish to transport it elsewhere in a managed method, it normally finally ends up being misplaced.”

The staff not too long ago developed a method that permits clouds of chilly atoms to be transported on an ‘optical conveyor belt,’ which is produced by two laser beams.

“The benefit of this technique is that a comparatively massive variety of atoms will be transported and positioned with a excessive diploma of accuracy with out important lack of atoms and with out the atoms being unintentionally heated,” the authors stated.

“We now succeeded in utilizing this technique to move atomic clouds that function a light-weight reminiscence. The saved data can then be retrieved elsewhere.”

“Refining this idea, the event of novel quantum gadgets, corresponding to a racetrack reminiscence for gentle with separate studying and writing sections, might be doable sooner or later.”

The staff’s work was printed within the journal Bodily Assessment Letters.


Wei Li et al. 2020. Managed Transport of Saved Gentle. Phys. Rev. Lett 125 (15): 150501; doi: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.125.150501

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